The system is locked in preparation for the next Election.

The next election is the June 15, 2024 Runoff Election. These courses are designed to give you a good overview of working the polls during an election. This will provide you with a firm base of election knowledge so that when you come to in-person training (and as well at the polls) you have at least a general idea of what to expect. Certain procedures may change slightly from what you see in this training and will be addressed in the in-person training sessions.

You can always email (which is usually the best way) Rick at rick.nusz@mctx.org if you have an issue or a question. Also, look out for system alerts or emails from the system as they will contain any of the changes above as they become available. As always, thank you for you commitment to the voters of Montgomery County!

NOTE: Please be sure to select the correct course track so that you are able to log in and get your courses. The online training is different depending upon the role you are in for the election. Use the links below to go to the correct course:

Early Voting Course

Election Day Course

Election Day Tech Course

Election Day Help Desk Course

Welcome to Elections